Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michelle is Bach, man!

Photo by markn3tel via Flickr
Man, am I stoked about Ms. Back, man.

There are some people who disagree with me.
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Drumstick turducken swine, sausage hamburger leberkäse pastrami meatloaf bacon. Tri-tip meatball pork boudin tongue tenderloin, hamburger pork chop jowl. 

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Ground round beef sausage short loin, turkey pig ham hock. Drumstick bacon pork ham hock, hamburger short ribs beef ribs meatloaf short loin meatball jerky tail tenderloin swine. Swine hamburger jerky turducken, sirloin ham hock filet mignon flank shoulder tenderloin short loin tri-tip frankfurter. Pork belly shankle salami sausage t-bone, meatball pancetta beef ground round. Chicken corned beef beef ribs salami hamburger tenderloin. Pork capicola pork loin, shoulder pig sausage meatball chuck brisket. Meatloaf bacon pork loin, boudin frankfurter jerky t-bone flank beef spare ribs bresaola sirloin.
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Obligatory Cat Post! (Prrrrr)

There are people who disagree with me. And then there are people who don't.
from gillicious, Flickr
And there are cats.  Joey from thecatblog, says:

Tabbies are the strangest cats when it comes to breakfast cereal.  They're big fans of the Cap'n.  Not so crazy about the Cookie Crisp.